Man spends his entire life searching for the door to himself to discover who he is, where he is coming from, and where he is going – to come "home". In today’s dynamic times marked with constant changes, mankind needs a new type of spiritual consciousness – an alternative, which will protect him against losing himself in the dynamics. The natural need for development of the human consciousness has lead to the establishment of many spiritual centers around the world.

"Universum-Centrum" in Varna is one if the biggest spiritual centers in Bulgaria. Its goal is to integrate spirituality in the everyday life and to give an opportunity for each seeker to discover new horizons – to know himself and to realize himself in order to be able to live fully and with more joy. The founders and the members of the center are disciples and friends of Zanko who are contributing to the support of his work – they all live and work on the basis of "the intelligence of the heart" – they create together a common environment for the building of a new consciousness. The center maintains various activities for cultural and spiritual exchange: a hall for meditation and relaxation, esoteric shop, center for holistic medicine, esoteric tourism. People from different countries visit "Universum-Centrum" – a door for everyone to freedom, love, and self-knowing.


"Universum - Centrum"
Maria Luisa Blvd. No 13
Varna 9000, Bulgaria

Phone: ++359 /52/ 612 550

Fax: ++359 /52/ 699 028

Links to

The website of "Universum-Essencia" Varna – center for meditation and spirituality. It offers an opportunity for each seeker, irrelevant of his age or origin to find the path to himself.
The website of "Universum-Esoterica" which is a part of "Universum-Centrum". It offers an impressive choice of occult literature, meditation music, and esoteric objects from all over the world. Here you can receive information for the activities of the entire center.

The website of “ "Universum-Medical" Varna. It is a center for health and harmonious life where doctors and masseuses combine their efforts from different spheres of the traditional and alternative medicine. In their holistic practice, they use methods from the fields of massage, motion therapy, Chinese medicine, ayurveda, diet therapy, homeopathy, and meditation.


The website of "Universum-Travel" - Varna, which organizes travels with historic, cultural, and spiritual interests in the countries of the Balkan Peninsular, Europe, and Asia. It is also the tourist agency for travels and activities with Zanko. It offers special programs for adolescents, families with children; it organizes seminars, meditations, and seclusion.